It’s on june 13 1983 that the dream became a reality; The original ‘‘Le Vieux Four’’ located in the village of St-Vincent-de-Paul, in Laval, has been welcoming its loyal customers for more than 35 years.
Mr. Antonio Managò, my father, was born in the small village of Palmi, situated in the province of Reggio, Calabria, Italy. That is where he developed his taste for pizza baked in a wood fired oven, and fresh authentic products that inspired him to create the colourful, savoury and refined cuisine still enjoyed at The Vieux Four today.
Le Vieux Four is a second generation family restaurant. We poured our heart and soul into this establishment, in order to awaken the taste buds of our fellow clients.

Instant success has been achieved and has far exceeded all expectations.

The restaurant is now an institution.

With that legacy, I was happy to open the Vieux Four Managò in Kirkland, nearly 17 years ago. I maintain that passion for fine cuisine and authenticity.

We offer a wide selection of dishes from simple to more dynamic, in the purest family tradition.

You are always welcome.

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